Jump Cats
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Experienced.  Dependable.  Willing.

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Tim Miannan

Tim playing maracas at a wedding reception.
The leader of the band, Tim contributes to the Jump Cats on piano, guitar, accordion, harmonica, percussion and vocals.  He has written several Jump Cats originals along with the horn arrangements on many of the tunes.  Tim spent his college years leading The Versatiles, a band that had a repertoire of over 500 songs, could play a full set of Top 40, Rock-n-Roll, Country, Bluegrass, Oldies, or Heavy Metal.  Despite the band contributing to Timís undergraduate studies dragging out to six years, Tim eventually graduated and moved to Indianapolis.  There he formed a six-piece folk band called High Point who specialized in acoustic rhythms and four-part harmonies.  After eight years, High Point disbanded and Tim was ready for some upbeat music that would draw a dancing crowd.   At this time, swing music was gaining in popularity across the country.  always interested in exploring a new musical experience, Tim found what he was looking for.